Stamp Listings Want List

The original objective for the site is to expand the stamp listings so that all of the constant plate varieties listed in the Unitrade Specialised Catalogue of Canadian Stamps are included for the province and dominion of Canada through 1970. This is the period of Canada's engraved stamps where I believe plate varieties are of most interest to collectors.

Once the site has come close to achieving this objective, I will look to expand the content beyond 1970 and to include the colonial issues and those of Newfoundland. I am also open to including uncatalogued varieties as long as they are constant and documented.

While re-entries form an important part of the listings here, I do not want to focus on these since they are already covered extensively on Ralph Trimble's specialist website at This site will focus on providing images and identification information for Canada's most important re-entries that are of interest to the more general collector.

So there are no hard and fast rules for what will be included here. If you are willing to contribute information or high-resolution scans of actual stamps (I only include proofs for very specific varieties), then please refer to the scan submission guidelines link at right. Below is a list of the main areas where I am looking for contributions.

  • Pence Issue
    Still looking for some key catalogued varieties including 9ii and 13ii. I am particularly interested in the "left frame flaws" variety of the 7½d value that appears in more than one plate position. I would love to receive scans of any positions showing this flaw.
  • King George V Admirals
    I am looking to expand this section of the site in a big way and would welcome contributions for the major varieties including retouches, re-entries, and other specific "type" varieties as defined by Marler.
  • Queen Victoria Small Queens
    Need 35xii, 38ii, 40ii, 41vii, 42iv, 43v, 45iii plus any other significant varieties that are well-documented and or plated.
  • Queen Victoria Maple Leaf and Numeral Issues
    The site is still lacking with these issues so many catalogued varieties would be welcomed including 67ii, 68ii, 68iii, 72v, 73iii, 75iii, 75iv, 75vii, 75viii, 75ix, 77v and 83iii.
  • Back-of-Book Listings
    I am looking to add some of the key air mail, special delivery and registration varieties including E6i, E9i, F3iii plus any of the many documented minor varieties and re-entries on the registration stamps.
  • Modern Issues
    Still looking for good scans of some significant varieties including 164ii, 199iii, 424ii, 425ii, 425iii, 425iv, 428ii, and 429ii.
  • Queen Elizabeth Centennial Issue