Links & References

A great deal of effort has gone into ensuring that the stamp images and commentary provided on this website are accurate as well as useful for helping collectors to identify the varieties. I am grateful to some very knowledgeable collectors and dealers who have provided scans as well as information to assist in the initial development of the website. In particular, I would like to single out Michael D. Smith who has opened up his amazing collection to provide so many of the images of classic Canadian stamps shown here. After a chance correspondence with him on one of the stamp forums, I recognised that we had a shared interest in disseminating information to other collectors. His support of my idea for the website and his continued contributions of images have helped to ensure that the site has a solid foundation of material to launch with.

I must also thank Ralph E. Trimble, whose site was the inspiration for providing collectors with an online resource with high-quality stamp images. If you want to know about re-entries, Canadian or worldwide, his site is the place to go.

Several other collectors and dealers have generously contributed or given me permission to use their material on the site. Each of them is credited where their images have been used.

The commentary on the site is ultimately mine, so I must take the credit for any inaccuracies or omissions that may still exist. I welcome corrections or comments of any kind that can improve the site. Please contact me with your feedback.

The following are just some of the philatelic literature and websites that have been referenced in researching the content of the site.