About FlySpecker is owned and maintained by Scott Robinson. I am a digital marketing professional, who specialises in websites, and an avid collector of Canadian postage stamps (not just plate varieties). I created this site as an aid to other collectors in identifying Canadian constant plate varieties that are often poorly illustrated or in some cases not even listed in most stamp books or catalogues.

As an advanced collector with a large variety of reference stamps and literature in my holdings, I will be updating the site with new stamp listings and the occasional article or observation about Canadian plate varieties when I have available time. I am certainly not the leading authority on Canadian plate varieties, so I welcome the input of others who may be interested to improve the site. I encourage collectors to contact me with their comments, corrections, or submissions of high quality images/scans of Canadian constant plate varieties. I would be glad to provide full credit on the site for any submitted material that is used.

You can also interact with the site in the blog section where visitor comments are always welcome. If this proves to be popular, I may add commenting to the listings section of the site in the future.

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Happy FlySpecking!