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This site provides a visual resource for recognising and identifying many of the constant plate varieties found on Canadian engraved stamps from the first issue of the Province of Canada in 1851 through the modern issues of the Elizabethan era. The stamp listings feature many types of varieties including re-entries, retouches, plate layout marks, scratches, engraver's slips, and any other types of plate damage or wear that has led to constant varieties that exist over a significant portion of the stamp's print run.

The site features large images illustrating each stamp with descriptions of how to identify the specific varieties. A "zoom" feature is also provided so you can see the details up-close to make identification much clearer than what is normally possible from images in stamp books and catalogues.

FlySpecker is provided as a free resource for collectors of Canadian stamps. In order to provide the best available references to Canadian constant plate varieties, we depend on content contributions from collectors and our visitors. If you have high quality images/scans of varieties that are not already listed here, we would be thrilled to add them to our listings. Please use the Contact link above to reach us via email.

You can learn more about the site or constant plate varieties in general by using the menu above. To jump right in and start reviewing our database of varieties, click the Stamp Listings link.

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